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Whenever the new year is upon us. We all know what happens during this time of the year.

All of us starting thinking and talking about goals to achieve for the next year.

The funny part is that they do not even remember the goals they set last year this time around. s

A common goal is that I will lose X LBS, some will say I will sell X amount and make X amount of Commissions in 2019.

I love goal setting, however, the real goal setting.

What do I mean by real goal settings?

This example may help.

Let’s suppose you are playing darts with your friend and either one of you can
win $5,000 provided you hit the target!

I am sure that sounds good!

Now the rules for this dart game is that you are blindfolded and your friend
who is playing with you, turns you around and around a number of times and then
he ask you to hit the target.

$5,000 on stake here sales fellows.

I know you must be thinking, this is ridiculous, how can one hit the target
that he or she cannot see?

I agree.

How about this statement “How can you hit a target you don’t even have?”

Let me ask you some simple questions that will help you tremendously in setting

  1. Do you write your
    goals down?

  2. Have you answered
    the question as to why do you want to achieve that goal?

  3. Have you given a
    serious thought about the benefits that you will enjoy when you achieve your goal?

  4. Have you considered
    the challenges and potential obstacles you can face in pursuit to achieving
    your target?

  5.  Have you thought about the organizations,
    peoples and groups you need to join or work with in order to reach this

  6. Do you have a road
    map you will follow to reach this destination?

  7. What are the
    specific plan of actions you need to take to make all this happen?

  8. Last but not the
    least have you set a deadline for yourself by which you must, must achieve this

Think about it. If you have not
given a serious thought to and have answer to these questions, you really do
not have a goal, you have a wish.

One more thing that I like to
bring up do a little bit of negative self-talk by saying, I will have to
sacrifice X in order to achieve Y.

I say, re word it and say. No one pays for hard work, they enjoy the benefits.

To put all this in sales
perspective let’s do a sales goal setting today.

I know 2019 is just around the corner and I want all of you sales fellow to
make the 2019 your biggest and greatest sales year with proper goal setting.

I recommend you title this goal “My 2019 Sales Income Goal”  


Ask yourself, how much do you intend to make in next twelve months? What is the
exact number?

Write this specific number down.

This is the number that will
drive all your activity for twelve months. This is the number that will
motivate you and keep you motivated in 2019 until you achieve this target.

I recommend you make a realistic goal, however keep it challenging.

Based on my experience and I am sure you all will agree that a ridiculous goal
do not motive, in fact it demotivate because deep down you know this is not
realistic and you quit even before you beging.

So ideally, we will set a realistic goal and here is a tip.

Take your best sales year to date and increase it by 20 to 40%.

That will be your goal.

For example, suppose your best year was in 2017 where you earned $50,000 add
25% on top which gives you $62,500 – This is your number, this is your goal for
next twelve months.

The best and top performing
sales people know exactly how much they will make the running year. On the
opposite side the low performing sales people have no idea how much they are
going to earn. They are the ones who wait until the end of the year to see have
they earned on the tax forms.

Now please WRITE your goals down. I used to be the person who would not write
the goals down and my biggest fear was what if I fail and do not achieve this

When I started writing them down, I realized that I am more likely to hit that
goal (my example is not specific to sales goals, I use this strategy when
setting any goals)

I find that writing them down increase the likelihood of achieving the goal by
a greater percentage and at time I hit the goal way ahead of my deadline.

Don’t worry if you do not hit the goal with in your schedule, you are still
better of writing the goals down and have one realistic goal than having no

I appreciate every second of
your time and I will see you on my next show!

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